GoodAutoDeals Guidelines During Covid-19

The very first priority of the GoodAutoDeals is to keep you fine and safe at this time of global catastrophe with our business. Our aim is to provide you with the best car deals with the best competitive rates possible while keeping check of your health and safety. The following guideline will assist you in buying and selling cars during this pandemic.

As of now, most of the Car Showrooms situated in the UK are open. But they must feature every possible measure in regards to social distancing and sanitization booths. However, there is still a number of places in the UK that are under this pandemic situation, they actually vary depending on sectors and regions. But car showrooms still have the privilege to remain open during this worldwide lockdown.

To ensure people’s safety and maintaining social distancing, many dealerships have chosen ways of operating their clients through appointments only. So, it is advisable to talk to your dealer thoroughly, get in touch with them on our platform through the contact details found on the ad. Your dealer can also provide you with the home delivery considering if they have the means and infrastructure in place.

These guidelines are not permanent, they will keep on updating through every change and phases this pandemic situation will go through. So, our team will be updating articles for you that reflect the up to date advice. But, keeping you and our employees safe and sound, the following list of tips (Government Guidelines) will assist you in buying and selling your car in this coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

What you have to do at this time?

As per the advice and regulations given to us from the government, it’s our job to stay alert all the time. Following is the list of few things to start with.

  • Staying Home for as much time as you can
  • Start Working from home, if your company allows that
  • Avoid getting in touch with people, limit your contact with them
  • At least have a six-feet gap from people if you have to go out
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Keep a pocket-sized Hand Sanitizer
  • If you happen to see some symptoms of the virus, isolate yourself for almost 14 days

Less Exposure to Coronavirus

Our team at GoodAutoDeals have been working together to give our clients three new features that will make it more clear for buyers whenever dealers posts an ad, Home delivery options for buyers with safety measures upon reopening of the showrooms in the UK.

  • Once they have confirmed every single requirement and changes that ensures safety and social distancing of the people, along with other obligatory measures, Dealerships and showrooms will be allowed to re-open in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Most of these showrooms will go for appointment-only yo ensure social distancing. So, it is advisable to get in touch with your dealer through mobile, email, or any other platform to ensure there’s no misunderstanding. Your Dealer will go through your options with you.
  • On our designed system, sellers can select a filter that offers a home delivery service which allows the buyers to get their car delivered to their home with different collection services from the seller. You can contact your dealer for more details. For further details, please contact us at Our team will be happy to assist you with your business.

Try not to make any visit or get in touch with people physically to buy or sell your vehicle. Consult with doctors if you experience any symptoms. Just limit your exposure by following the guidelines given to us from the government and indulge yourself in social distancing.


There are some of the frequently asked questions which are given below, if you see one that’s not here, feel free to reach us at

All of the showrooms and dealerships have the authorization and right to open their business if they have the right set of safety and health measures that ensures less exposure to Virus.

However, this situation can change at any time considering the seriousness of this global catastrophe. So, you must be up to date with the latest advice regarding your local area and you should consider using appointment-only services.

It is preferable to book your appointment with the dealer/seller in advance to ensure quick and safe business.

As you have the privilege of buying a vehicle with other options like Home Delivery or Car Collection Orders from your dealership here in the UK, you can consult with your seller along with following the guidance for your region by the government.

Yes, as the showrooms and dealerships are back in business here in the UK, our buyers can buy a car. You can visit your desired showroom which is re-opened. But, please keep in mind that this situation can change anytime. So, you have to be aware of the latest advice from the government. Contact your dealer and book an appointment in advance to ensure a safe and quality business.

You can contact your dealer and can find out if he’s offering the home delivery service or the car collection service and you should opt for these offers. Just make sure that you are following the given guidelines and procedures to ensure your safety.

Yes, of course. Sellers can still post an ad of their old and used cars for the audience. Just make sure that your vehicle is disinfected and cleaned properly before delivering it to the buyer to avoid any risks. It’s quite a sensible step to follow to ensure safe and quick business. If somehow, you are not able to disinfect and clean your car at the time, it is advisable to delay your sale.
It totally depends on the dealers and sellers. It is up to them to offer home delivery or car collection service. So, contact your dealer through phone or email to find out if they are offering these services or not.

We hope that these FAQs and guidelines have cleared all the doubts for you. If you still have other questions, feel free to reach us at We are more than happy to assist you with the best guidelines that ensures your safety as well as the quality business.